Effective Ways to Get Rid Of Tooth Sensitivity

It can be quite painful for some people to even take sip of their favorite drinks. This is what tends to happen when you have tooth sensitivity. There can be many reasons for tooth sensitivity. Receding gums, teeth whitening, cavities and genetics are a few among many ones. Here, we are going to discuss about the ways you can get rid of tooth sensitivity.

Toothpaste for tooth sensitivity

There are many brands that produce toothpaste for sensitive teeth. No matter what brand you are going for, make sure that you are picking the product with potassium nitrate mentioned as the main ingredient. This ingredient is quite effective in relieving pain and sensitivity. If you want to desensitize your teeth in better way, you can combine your teeth’s brushing session with mouth rinsing by using the mouthwash with stannous fluoride as main ingredient.

Toothbrush and brushing habits

As soon as you figure out that the pain in your teeth is due to tooth sensitivity, you will have to look into your brushing habits and also your toothbrush. The brushing technique is important due to the fact that harsher way of brushing can result in added pain. Moreover, you will have to make sure that the toothbrush you use has soft bristles. If you are using toothbrush with hard bristles and your brushing technique is also harsher, you may end up having receded gums and thinned tooth enamel.

Avoid acidic foods and drinks

While it is important for everyone to avoid having acidic foods and drinks, it is critical for the people who have sensitive teeth. When you consume acidic foods and drinks, your tooth enamel dissolves, leading you to have severe tooth sensitivity. Now, you may wonder that there are some natural foods which may contain acids and that those foods are good for health too. Well, you have to make sure that you are consuming those foods according to your dentist’s instructions. Moreover, you can use straw if you want to drink citric beverages. This will limit your teeth’s exposure to the acids.

Using mouth guard

Tooth sensitivity can occur due to injury or trauma. If you are fond of playing sports, you may want to use a mouth guard because impact of anything on the face during sports can result in cracking or breaking of teeth. These cracks and chips expose the inner part of the teeth and you will have pain due to sensitivity. Mouth guard can help you in making sure that your teeth remain safe during sports.

While everything mentioned above is quite important to avoid or get rid of tooth sensitivity, you have to visit your dentist on regular basis to get your oral cavity and dental health in particular fully checked.


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